So many colors to choose from...Problem solved! 

Kaleidoscope Color Consulting is your solution! 



1. Step One

Pick up the phone to call me at 631-922-5405. We will have a friendly conversion.  We will get to know more about each other, your needs and how my professional Color Consulting services will be able to work for you.

Or, email me with your phone number and a good time for me to call you. 


step 3 interior-design-1508276_1920.jpg

2. Step Two

You will give me a tour, I will ask questions, observe the lighting and elements of the rooms and you will tell me your ideas.

Then we dive right in to select colors for each room until we select "the one that  is just right" 

I prepare a list of  our color selections and their placement and provide large color swatches.



3. Step Three

After the onsite consultation clients are strongly encouraged to keep in contact with me if they have any questions, concerns or comments after the consultation.  

You will always get a follow up call to check how things are progressing.


4. The Costs

Every project and client is unique. Please call me. Once we talk for a little while, I am able to give you an estimate of how long your consultation may take and the cost associated.





Want to learn more about my process?